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FDRateGuru.com is a blog focused on a specific tool of financial investment called Fixed Deposit and Fixed Deposit Interest Rates. The bloggers behind this initiative have year old presence in the blogger circuit.

FD Rates of Indian banks

SBI Fixed Deposit Rates / SBI FD Rates
BOI Fixed Deposit Rates / BOI FD Rates
PNB Fixed Deposit Rates /PNB FD rates
Deutsche Fixed Deposit rates
What is FD? Fixed Deposit FAQ

Over the years these bloggers have gathered vast experience in diverse investment methodologies while handling their personal finance. They even have hands-on experience in stock trading. But after all these years they all agree that a major part of the hard-earned money should be invested in some secure financial investment mechanism. They believe that Fixed Deposit is one such tool.

fixed deposit interest rate - FD rates

While investing in FDs these bloggers personally faced some challenges in the past to opt for the best FD for their investment. They had to visit numerous bank sites to find out their FD rates before taking any decision about their FD investment. It was a time-consuming effort. And many times the investment was done in a hurry and obviously not with the best of the knowledge and awareness with them about Fixed Deposit Interest Rates.

FDRateGuru bloggers came to understand the difficulties faced by many to do the same. They realized that many times commoners even invest in FDs providing lower interest rates or with fewer facilities just because they don’t have enough information about the best available offers.

This makes them think about some common platforms in the form of a blog that can provide the FD rates of different banks. Visitors can find the rates of FD at a commonplace instead of browsing through many sites and portals. At this moment FDRateGuru has just started and covers only a fraction of the knowledge area.

You can read a detailed post on FD basic and FAQ here: Fixed Deposit Interest Rates – FD Rates

Also Read about SBI FD Rates: FD Rates and other FAQs related to SBI (State Bank of India)

FDRateGuru admits that there may be a time gap between the update at the Bank sites and the update made at the FDRateGuru site when some rate changes are made at the bank or similar sites. To avoid confusion whenever we will refer to any FD rate table, we will provide the date on which that rate chart became effective for the respective bank or financial institute. This will help the readers to understand if the data they are seeing is the latest one or not. If the readers have some suggestion they are requested to send us an email to the email id given in Contact Us page.


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